Data Storage Technology

Data growth and complexity create ongoing challenges for data storage platforms. Strategically investing in new storage and management systems can overcome current issues of obsolete storage infrastructure, insufficient capacity, high operating expenses, and data security issues.  There are a large number of options available to businesses for both the storage types and the location of that storage. Often, the best solution is a combination of different storage options.

Data Storage Options

On-Premise Data Storage

On-premise data storage allows you to retain full control of all the hardware, data and backups. This set up can be configured as Direct Attached Storage – DAS, Network Attached Storage – NAS, or Storage Area Networks – SAN.   This can often cover specific compliance and security requirements if done correctly. On-premise storage has also evolved over the past several years to include rack servers and hyper-converged solutions.

Hosted Data

Hosted data storage is kept off-site in a separate data center or in the cloud. Hosted data centers relieve business from having to store and maintain expensive equipment. Public and private cloud options can also be cost effective and more easily scalable. Data security and compliance can be more of a concern when data isn’t hosted locally, so only trusted companies with stellar reputations and security practices should be considered.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid data storage options mesh both hosted options for non-sensitive data and, on-premise options for sensitive data. A hybrid solution caters to more advanced infrastructure technology because it gives users a more flexible way to access data. Hybrid solutions are also important for data backup and recovery as they allow data to be recovered in a timely manner and reduce downtime.

Data Storage Systems

Better data management and optimization are our prime objectives and we ensure that your existing systems are customized to meet your unique business needs. Understanding the changing storage landscape and the advantages and disadvantages of each type allows us to choose the right system.  Ultimately, the combination of storage needed will depend on your volume of data and available budget.

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